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(This is a paraphrase of an article on RTL)

Removing hair with flashes of light or having a pigment spot lasered away: these seem like harmless treatments from a beautician. But there are calls to impose stricter requirements on this type of laser treatment, because things go wrong too often. What are the risks?

Director Frans Meulenberg of the Dutch Association for Dermatology and Venereology (NVDV) and dermatologist Ronald Frank of the Berne Kliniek (Bernhoven hospital) are asked about the dangers.

1. Are these stricter requirements for laser treatments necessary?
Frans Meulenberg of the NVDV sees a lot going wrong with laser treatments. Dermatologist Ronald Frank is also in favor of regulation. The safety requirements for laser treatments within a hospital are very high, while outside there are no rules. After all, it is equipment that entails risks.

2. What is the biggest danger of laser treatments if the practitioner is not properly trained?
If you are going to treat pigment spots with a laser, you must understand what pigment spots mean. Not every stain can simply be burned away. The practitioner must have medical knowledge to assess whether it is an innocent pigment spot or skin cancer.

3. What are the further risks for the patient?
In addition to the danger of the wrong diagnosis, the skin can be seriously damaged. Think of burns, irreparable scars and pigment spots. What becomes clear is the example of a woman who was burned during laser hair removal and still has pain on her skin a year later. This is not always because the practitioner does not use the device properly. Other factors are also important, such as the sun, or whether the patient has conditions or medications that cause hypersensitivity to light.

4. Are the different laser treatments for hair removal, pigment spots and tattoos equally risky?
Each laser has certain side effects such as scars or pigment spots that remain after hair removal. And pigment spots carry more risks due to the chance of misdiagnosis. With tattoos, for example, it depends on the type of laser that is used. There are many types and brands of lasers, not all of which are equally good. The best equipment is often much more expensive. If you want to make a profit as an entrepreneur, you are inclined to purchase cheaper, less effective equipment and occasionally postpone maintenance.

5. Do home hair removal lasers have the same risks?
You cannot compare these with the powerful lasers used in dermatology. They work with low energy, so have a lower risk of problems. But the downside is that these devices do not have much effect either. You do not burn the hair away, but mainly make them thinner. The result is that you cannot remove the hair at all afterwards. Not even with laser treatment from a specialist.

Source: Laser beauty salon too dangerous, what are the risks?

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