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Beauty treatments

Beauty treatments

Therapeutic Wellness

At Medicadermis, beauty treatments stand for wellness that is applied based on the additional clinical knowledge and vision of the skin therapist. With us you do not have to opt for intensive medical treatments when this is not necessary. We offer a range of facial treatments that are not only relaxing, but are also effective in improving your skin condition and resistance. These treatments require little to no recovery time and support the strengthening of your skin. You can leave it at that, but these treatments can also prepare the skin for medical treatments.

Facial treatments
Our facial treatments start from €75
  • Facial treatment Basic
  • Facial Lift
  • Hydra facial treatment
  • Puffy Eyes facial treatment
  • Black Heads Facial Treatment
  • Facial treatment Bio-Herbal Peel

We understand that all the choices we offer online can be difficult. And that sometimes you just need advice in addition to the information we share online. Our skin therapist is then ready to help you. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation in the Medicadermis Skin Therapy practice. But an accessible contact in the form of a free video consultation is of course also possible.

Our peels include cleaning out impurities and applying an alginate mask or sheet mask. We already have a peeling from €135,-
  • Hybiscus peel with facial treatment
  • Pumkin peel with facial treatment
  • Mango bright with facial treatment
A good treatment to refine your skin texture and tackle fine lines. A treatment in which we perforate the skin with microneedles. We thereby initiate the process of elastin and collagen production. We already have a microneedling treatment from €145
  • Cosmetic microneedling, from €145
  • Medical microneedling (requires a longer recovery time due to deeper treatment), from €190
  1. Masks, serums, waxes, paints : you can book these extras with a facial treatment, from €15
    • Alginate Jelly Mask
    • Sheet Mask
    • BioActive Vitamins, 20% Vitamin C serum
    • BioActive Vitamins, 20% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) serum
    • BioActive Vitamins, Combination of 20% Vitamin C and 20% Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) serums
    • Waxing and epilation.
    • Tinting eyebrows and eyelashes.
  2. Products matching : are you looking for the right skin care and how to use these products, from €55
    • Product advice and basic facial treatment performed by the skin therapist. (excl, products)
  3. Special areas : facial treatment for lips and eyes, from €75
    • Treatment for the lips (no filler treatment): Plumpy Lips
    • Treatments against wrinkles and sagging around the eyes: Lines around the eyes
    • Treatments for wrinkles around the lips: Wrinkles around the lips
    • Treatments for dark circles: Dark eye circle treatment
    • Treatments against large pores: Large Pore treatment face
Light and laser
  • Fractional laser treatment for rejuvenation and skin tightening. €325,-
  • IPL-Photorejuvenation, facial treatment against skin aging. From €230,-
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Organic Herbal Peel

From €120,00

Facial Treatment Basic


Alginate Jelly Mask


BioActive Vitamins Layering Treatment

From €7,95

Large Pore treatment face

From €95,00

Black Heads Facial Treatment

From €65,00

Puffy Eyes facial treatment