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Medicadermis, skin therapy by Charlotte

Charlotte the virtue

As the owner of Medicadermis, I have my own idea of ​​good skin therapy. I believe in personal approach and attention. Because every skin is different and every person has their own needs. If you choose skin treatments, you want to have a long-term plan. To achieve improvement, but above all to maintain the result. The advice you receive from me is based on this, but that does not mean that you are stuck with me forever. Of course you can make your own decision in this regard. I have been specializing in the skin for more than 30 years. I started doing make-up artistry at the age of sixteen. This made me want to delve deeper into the skin. This was why I started studying Skin Therapy.


Afterwards I started working at various skin institutes and several oncological rehabilitation clinics in the Netherlands and Germany. There, as part of a medical multidisciplinary team, I treated patients for aesthetic reconstruction and the restoration of the skin and lymphatic system. On my “journey” I have gained a lot of product knowledge about active ingredients and the (nonsense) sense of medical claims that manufacturers make. At the Hague University of Applied Sciences for Skin Therapy I developed part of the bachelor's curriculum and also taught practice and theory there. In short, I have seen and done a lot and I still have a lot of love for the profession. I would like to share that with you.


We offer a wide range of skin treatments and techniques. From chemical, light, laser, micro-needling to lymphatic drainage. Moreover, we believe in a 'mix and match' philosophy. Medicadermis searches for the best price-quality products for your problem or wish by cherry picking from different product lines and brands. We do not select the products based on sales margins, but rather look at the active ingredients and their concentrations. With us you will see more expensive products from well-known brands combined with cheaper products from unknown brands. Make no mistake: 70% of the treatment takes place at home. Where you work on the correct preparation of the skin for your treatment. And provides the right aftercare, which significantly enhances the treatment effectiveness. In our opinion, the right care products are not a luxury but an essential part of your treatment. And we do that no-nonsense!

Our practice is on the 7th floor in the Montevideo Water Tower. Here we can work exclusively on personal care. In addition, our practice has a great view of the Rotterdam skyline with a view of the Maas.

The art of skin care

At Medicadermis we have elevated skin care to an art. Treatments have a traditional side. A steady hand. The appropriate setting. A cosmetic eye for the face. But treatments are also rooted in medical scientific insight. The successful marriage between the two turns your skin therapist into a dermal artist. And you can count on that at Medicadermis - it's the art of skin care. And no less!