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7110 Intake and Examination after Screening for Direct Access Skin Therapy

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7110 Intake and Examination after Screening for Direct Access Skin Therapy

The Consult

Medicadermis offers a combination of medical and cosmetic skin care, tailored to your individual needs and goals. Have you seen a beautiful treatment that you are interested in? Or you don't know exactly what suits you yet, book this FREE consultation. No No-Show rate will be charged for this appointment.

The consultation takes approximately between 20 and 45 minutes, depending on the request for assistance. During this intake we will discuss your wishes and examine your skin condition. You can of course also mention any concerns you may have. Because the intake interview is partly intended to identify underlying health problems, if any. Skin conditions can occur in isolation, but can also be part of a broader health issue. In such cases we must refer you back to your GP for further evaluation or referral. That is very safe. This way you can take the next step with confidence if we determine that we can answer your request for help.

The consultation therefore consists of the following steps:

  1. Anamnesis: Whether addressing a skin condition or improving your skin for cosmetic purposes, it is important for us to understand what you want to achieve. We also discuss your medical history. This way we can give you a realistic idea of ​​what you can and cannot expect from the treatment(s).

  2. Examination: Your skin is then carefully examined. We assess the overall condition and appearance of your skin and check for any skin conditions. Here we determine which options are available to answer your request for help.

  3. Analysis: With the information from the anamnesis and the findings during the examination, we can discuss the risks and possible alternatives to the treatment with you. The conclusions we draw together lead to a proposal that we call the treatment plan.

  4. Treatment plan: the personalized treatment plan focuses on achieving your cosmetic skin goals and treating any existing skin conditions. Nowadays they can no longer be seen separately. Our appearance simply has a great influence on the well-being that people experience. There is now broad (medical) recognition for this. The treatment plan covers a longer period and sets out what we will do and how we will work together to improve your skin. You are completely free to stop the treatment plan at any time. The treatment plan does not force you to commit to any commercial obligations and is therefore without obligation. The content of the treatment plan, on the other hand, is not without obligation. You will have to adhere to the instructions and agreements contained herein. For example, you should avoid direct contact with the sun if you have undergone a serious skin treatment. In that sense, the treatment plan is a mutual commitment that you make with each other.

  5. Test shot: For some treatments we use a test shot during the intake. This allows us to see how your skin reacts to, for example, light and laser, or another form of treatment. With this information, you can better assess during the reflection period whether the chosen treatment is really suitable for you. And the skin therapist can see from the skin reaction whether the chosen treatment is the right one for your skin.

  6. Reflection period: It is wise to take some time after the consultation to absorb everything we have discussed. Sleep on it a few more nights at home and then decide whether you want to continue with the treatment plan or not. You may have several reasons for deciding not to proceed. You are completely free to make your own considerations here. We will schedule an appointment for your treatment, approximately two weeks after your intake. And if you decide at least 48 hours before the appointment that you do not want the treatment, you can cancel the appointment free of charge. In some cases, if the treatment is minor and not very invasive, a decision can be made immediately to proceed with treatment. Of course there must be room in the agenda for this. If you indicate that you want immediate treatment, the skin therapist will decide whether this is possible for the chosen treatment. You then explicitly waive your cooling-off period.

  7. Preparation Instructions: These are optional. In certain cases, you will receive specific instructions to prepare your skin for the treatment, such as avoiding sunbathing, using certain skin care products, and not undergoing other skin treatments for a certain period of time. This will be discussed with you during the consultation and it will be included in the treatment plan.
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Personal guidance disclaimer

A Fair Use Policy applies to personal guidance, including video calling, whereby medicadermis reserves the right to increase the number of contact moments at its own discretion in the event of excessive demand for support (i.e. a structurally higher number of contact requests than the average of our other clients). limit and communicate this unilaterally before doing so. If unexpected complications arise after the treatment, this reservation obviously does not apply.