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Large Pore treatment face

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Large Pore treatment face

Improve your skin structure with the Large Pore Treatment

Do you experience discomfort due to the visibility of large pores and are you looking for an effective treatment? Then discover our specialized Large Pore Treatment. Specially formulated to make your skin smoother and finer and aimed at the pores in the zone on and around your nose.

Available treatments:

  • Large: Light and laser
  • Medium: Microneedling
  • Small: Medical Peeling

If you choose our Large Pore Treatment Program , you will benefit from significant discounts on both the treatments and home products. This program includes 3 treatments and skin care products with a 10% discount. This ensures consistent care and frequent follow-up to support your skin in the best way. You get top quality products that care for and protect your skin because your skin is an essential part of your personal well-being. Contact us today to schedule your personal skin exam and discover how our Large Pore Treatment Pathway can help you improve your skin.

These treatments are first discussed with the skin therapist, as we can only conclude what your pores need after completing a skin therapeutic examination.

More about large pores

The pores are an important aspect of the skin's structure and although determined by genetics, they can also be influenced by external and internal factors.

The size of the pores is partly determined by the amount of sebum production and the elasticity of the skin. As sebum production increases, pores may appear larger because they are more filled with sebum and impurities. Additionally, skin elasticity can decrease as we age, causing pores to appear larger.

External factors such as sun exposure, pollution and improper skin care can also affect the size of the pores. For example, sun exposure can lead to an increase in sebum production and thickening of the skin, which can clog and enlarge pores. Pollution can clog pores and cause inflammation, making them appear larger. Improper skin care, such as using harsh cleansers or not properly cleansing the skin, can also contribute to enlarged pores.

Maintaining a good skin care routine with the right products and cosmeceuticals can help reduce pore enlargement and improve overall skin texture. This includes regularly cleansing, exfoliating and moisturizing the skin, as well as using products that regulate sebum production and improve skin texture. Consulting the skin therapist at Medicadermis can also be useful for advice on how to reduce the size of your pores and improve your skin structure.

Treatments for large pores
For thorough improvement of large pores, we offer a range of treatments, including professional products for home use.

Home treatment : Cosmeceuticals can help reduce pore size by accelerating cell turnover and reducing sebum production. Ingredients such as salicylic acid and glycolic acid can also help exfoliate the skin and reduce clogged pores.

Fractional laser treatment : Fractional lasers are designed to treat small areas of the skin with controlled application of thermal laser columns that can reach the deeper layers of the skin. This stimulates collagen production and helps fade scars, fine lines and pores.

The Q-switched Nd Yag : Q-switches Nd: Yag laser is used to treat large pores using concentrated laser energy. Collagen production is stimulated by the photothermal reaction and skin texture improves through micro-exfoliation that removes sebum, dirt and dead skin cells. The treatment tightens pores and makes them less visible, making the skin look smoother and more even.

Microneedling : Microneedling is a procedure that uses tiny needles in the skin to create microscopic wounds. This stimulates collagen production and improves overall skin texture. Microneedling can also help reduce pore size by tightening the skin and making pores less visible.

Medical peels : Medical peels can help improve skin texture and reduce pore size by removing dead skin cells and stimulating collagen production. Peels can be superficial (light peels), medium or deep, depending on the severity of the skin condition and the desired result.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) : IPL treatments target pigmentation in the skin, such as sunspots and redness, but they can also help reduce the size of pores. IPL emits pulsed light that stimulates the skin to produce collagen and can also reduce sebum production, making pores less visible.

With our extensive treatment options, Medicadermis is ready to answer your skin problem. But we understand that all the choices we offer online can be difficult. And that sometimes you just need advice in addition to the information we share online. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation in the Medicadermis Skin Therapy practice with our skin therapist. But an accessible contact in the form of a free video consultation is of course also possible. Discover which treatment(s) best suits your needs. Get compliments with clear, even and firm skin . Enjoy minimal recovery time with lasting results.

With medicadermis you take good care of yourself

In the competitive market of beauty and skin treatments, it is crucial to find a trusted partner. One that not only excels in quality and service, but that also uses the best and proven technology. Because when it comes to your health and appearance, you shouldn't take risks. Medicadermis distinguishes itself through its dedication to high standards. Both in knowledge and skills and in the application of clinically proven equipment and medically certified treatments. You will not easily find hypes with a 'latest and greatest' promise at medicadermis, because it takes time before scientific evidence is available. Only then do we decide to offer something.

The reality of the beauty industry

The beauty industry is now flooded with all kinds of laser, IPL and other types of devices, many of which do not meet the quality requirements according to our Western medical standards. There is also often no scientific evidence for treatments. Variation in equipment, lack of basic dermatological knowledge, but also insufficient training and experience of the practitioner can lead to unsatisfactory results. Even to an increased risk of side effects or skin damage for the patient.

Feel beautiful and confident with the quality of medicadermis.

We go for the capital K when it comes to quality and work with, among others, the M22 Stellar from Lumenis. This system is used worldwide for its superior performance in hospitals and clinics by dermatologists. The M22 stands for reliable treatment for a range of skin treatments, including pigment spots. And finally, not unimportant: our equipment receives frequent technical maintenance. Because just as you cannot write sharply with a blunt pencil, an uncalibrated laser or used IPL tube is not effective.

Our skin therapist has years of experience, but continuously enriches her knowledge and skills with training and education. Our choice of equipment and expert care enable us to provide you with safe, proven effective and personalized treatments. Your (skin) needs are guaranteed to be in good hands at medicadermis.

Worthy of trust

Our commitment is not just to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. But we also give you peace of mind, because with medicadermis you know you are in the right place. We are not the cheapest, but we do offer the best price-quality. And you can trust that.

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Personal guidance disclaimer

A Fair Use Policy applies to personal guidance, including video calling, whereby medicadermis reserves the right to increase the number of contact moments at its own discretion in the event of excessive demand for support (i.e. a structurally higher number of contact requests than the average of our other clients). limit and communicate this unilaterally before doing so. If unexpected complications arise after the treatment, this reservation obviously does not apply.