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Puffy Eyes facial treatment

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Puffy Eyes facial treatment

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Puffy eyes hinder a clear look and a fresh face. This is often caused by fluid retention. The swelling can have several causes, ranging from health problems such as allergies or other medical conditions, to diet-related or genetic factors. As you get older, puffy eyes can become more and more bothersome.

Puffy eyes, also known as puffy eyes, can be difficult to treat. By applying drainage techniques and muscle stimulation, fluid accumulation in swollen eyes visibly reduces.

For the Puffy Eyes facial treatment, Electrical Muscle Stimulation (EMS) strengthens the underlying eye muscles for a lifting effect.EMS is a technology that uses gentle electrical pulses to activate your muscles. The specially formulated serum, rich in nutrients such as vitamins and antioxidants, works synergistically with EMS to maximize absorption by your skin.

The Puffy Eyes beauty treatment
This facial treatment offers a combination of deep skin care and muscle stimulation. This approach not only fights the visible signs of aging, but also improves the overall health and vitality of the skin. The result is a refreshed, lifted eye contour. This treatment is perfect for a relaxing half hour for yourself.

EMS and the skin

What Electrical Muscle Stimulation does to the skin:
  1. Improved blood circulation : EMS can improve blood circulation, which contributes to a better oxygen and nutrient supply to the skin.
  2. Skin Rejuvenation : Through improved blood circulation and stimulation, EMS can help promote cell renewal and collagen production, which can lead to tighter, firmer skin and reduction of signs of aging.
  3. Lymphatic drainage : EMS can promote lymphatic drainage, which helps reduce swelling and remove toxins from the skin. This can contribute to a brighter, healthier complexion.

Serum and the skin

The serum works together with the EMS. The active ingredients provide long-lasting hydration and help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, resulting in a more youthful appearance.

The beauty treatment: Puffy Eyes facial treatment

  • The treatment begins with a cleansing of the skin to remove all traces of dirt and oil.
  • The EMS massage consists of lymphatic drainage and muscle stimulation and is performed around the eyes. The face and neck are also treated for the drainage of lymph fluid.
  • Then a mask is applied that promotes moisture drainage
  • While you enjoy the mask, relax further with a wonderful neck massage that makes stress disappear.
  • The treatment ends with carefully selected skin care including SPF, which protects your skin against UV radiation.
Postpone treatment or not undergo it?

With EMS there are some important contraindications that one should be aware of before undergoing this treatment. Here are the main situations in which galvanic current treatments are not recommended or even contraindicated:

  1. Pacemakers or other electronic implants : People with pacemakers or other implanted electronic medical devices should not undergo EMS because the electrical currents can interfere with the functioning of these devices.

  2. Pregnancy : It is recommended that pregnant women do not undergo EMS treatments, especially as the safety of such treatments during pregnancy has not been adequately studied.

  3. Heart problems : Individuals with heart disease or conditions should avoid undergoing these treatments as electrical currents can be potentially risky.

  4. Epilepsy : Due to the risk of triggering an epileptic seizure by the electrical currents, people with epilepsy should avoid this form of treatment.

  5. Metal implants in the treated area : The presence of metal implants can affect the conduction of electrical currents and cause uncomfortable sensations or even pain.

Treatment options for the face

There are various other beauty treatments at Medicadermis that you can choose from.

  • Facial Treatment Basics - the beauty essentials
  • Facial treatment Lift - electrical muscle stimulation with nourishing mask
  • Hydra facial treatment - insert one or more nourishing serums
  • Black Heads facial treatment - done with eating!
  • Facial treatment Bio-Herbal Peel - biological exfoliation and skin renewal
  • Fractional Laser treatment for Puffy Eyes - skin firming through laser light columns in the skin under the eyes

With our extensive treatment options, Medicadermis is ready to answer your skin problem. But we understand that all the choices we offer online can be difficult. And that sometimes you just need advice in addition to the information we share online. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation in the Medicadermis Skin Therapy practice with our skin therapist. But an accessible contact in the form of a free video consultation is of course also possible. Discover which treatment(s) best suits your needs. Get compliments with clear, even and firm skin . Enjoy minimal recovery time with lasting results.

With medicadermis you take good care of yourself

In the competitive market of beauty and skin treatments, it is crucial to find a trusted partner. One that not only excels in quality and service, but that also uses the best and proven technology. Because when it comes to your health and appearance, you shouldn't take risks. Medicadermis distinguishes itself through its dedication to high standards. Both in knowledge and skills and in the application of clinically proven equipment and medically certified treatments. You will not easily find hypes with a 'latest and greatest' promise at medicadermis, because it takes time before scientific evidence is available. Only then do we decide to offer something.

Feel beautiful and confident with the quality of medicadermis.

Our skin therapist has years of experience, but continuously enriches her knowledge and skills with training and education. Our choice of equipment and expert care enable us to provide you with safe, proven effective and personalized treatments. Your (skin) needs are guaranteed to be in good hands at medicadermis.

Worthy of trust

Our commitment is not just to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. But we also give you peace of mind, because with medicadermis you know you are in the right place. We are not the cheapest, but we do offer the best price-quality. And you can trust that.

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Personal guidance disclaimer

A Fair Use Policy applies to personal guidance, including video calling, whereby medicadermis reserves the right to increase the number of contact moments at its own discretion in the event of excessive demand for support (i.e. a structurally higher number of contact requests than the average of our other clients). limit and communicate this unilaterally before doing so. If unexpected complications arise after the treatment, this reservation obviously does not apply.