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It is time to relax and let the swelling due to edema in the legs, arms or torso subside. If you have undergone a medical procedure, or have had some other form of bad luck with your lymphatic system or blood circulation and therefore could use some medical help, we would like to help through edema therapy.

To reduce the swelling you experience, we will use different methods in your edema therapy. First of all, after an extensive skin therapeutic examination, we will start with manual lymphatic drainage. This is a gentle massage that helps to improve the circulation of lymph fluid in your body, which can reduce swelling, but is very focused on reducing pain that is often accompanied by an increase in fluid in the tissue.

Edema puts pressure on surrounding tissues and structures, including the nerves and pain receptors, known as nociceptors. This is one of the reasons why edema is often accompanied by painful sensations, especially if it is severe or occurs suddenly.

Next we will look at compression therapy. I will fit you with special compression stockings or bandages that put pressure on the swollen limbs. This not only helps to reduce swelling, but also prevents it from getting worse again.

We will also work together on exercises you can do at home. These exercises are designed to activate the muscle pump, which is essential for removing excess fluid.

In addition, it is important that you take good care of your skin, especially because it can be more sensitive due to swelling. I will give you tips on how to best keep your skin healthy and how to prevent infections.

If you have scars, we can also treat them so that they restrict movement less or become more cosmetically beautiful.

Finally, I will teach you everything you need to know about self-management techniques, such as how to practice self-massage and how to use your compression devices correctly. This will help you manage your edema effectively and increase your comfort.

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