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Medical microneedling treatment

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Medical microneedling treatment

Microneedling is a safe choice for treating skin problems such as aging, acne and scars. This treatment stimulates the production of collagen (elastin Neocollagenesis and Neoelastinogenesis). Important proteins that help the skin stay young and firm without causing serious damage to the top layer of the skin.

Research supports the effectiveness claims made for microneedling. According to studies, it improves various skin conditions from acne scars to melasma conditions. In addition, microneedling has a relatively quick recovery period with a low risk of side effects if applied correctly.

Available treatments:

  • S microneedling: small treatment
  • M microneedling: Medium microneedling treatment
  • L microneedling: Major microneedling treatment
Microneedling treatment: safe and secure

When to consider microneedling:

  • Improve your skin texture and skin tone? Microneedling is a fantastic way to stimulate your skin to produce more collagen and elastin. These crucial proteins are essential for skin cell renewal, resulting in smoother, firmer and more even skin. After a series of treatments, you can expect a marked improvement in your skin texture and tone.
  • Reduction of Fine Lines and Wrinkles? As a natural anti-aging solution, microneedling helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By stimulating your skin's own collagen production, microneedling helps your skin stay young and healthy for longer.
  • Do you suffer from acne scars or dark spots? Microneedling can also address these skin problems. It has been proven effective in reducing the appearance of scars and hyperpigmentation, making your skin look smoother and more uniform. This makes this treatment also ideal for dark skin types, which are otherwise at risk of pigmentation problems (Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation) with light and laser, for example.
  • Improved Absorption of Skin Care Products? A unique benefit of microneedling is the improvement of the absorption of skin care products. The microscopic holes created during the treatment act as channels through which active ingredients can penetrate deeper into your skin, increasing their effectiveness.
  • Treatment of Stretch Marks and Skin Sagging? Microneedling isn't just for your face. It is also used for body treatments. Studies show it is effective in reducing stretch marks and tightening loose skin. A versatile solution for various skin concerns.

The recovery process

The recovery time after microneedling can vary depending on the depth of the treatment and the individual skin reaction.
  • Superficial microneedling can result in a shorter recovery time, usually several days to a week, during which redness and mild peeling of the skin may occur.
  • With deeper microneedling, where the needles penetrate deeper into the skin, the recovery process can take longer. This can result in a recovery time of several weeks, during which time the skin may show redness, swelling and slight crusting. It is important to protect the skin against the sun and irritation during the recovery process, and to carefully follow the skin therapist's instructions.
  • Microneedling is generally considered safe, but certain side effects may occur, such as redness (erythema), pain and temporary irritation, which are usually minor and disappear quickly.

Medicadermis chooses the best microneedling equipment

  • Motor : the microneedling pen must be equipped with a powerful motor. The motor needs sufficient excess power so that the needles make a consistent perforation at every location on the skin. Both for thick skin (with scar tissue) and thinner skin. And this does not 'drag', otherwise the result will be unpredictable and irregular.
  • Needles : the quality of the needles plays a major role in the outcome and success of a microneedling treatment. It is important that these are of high quality. Surgical steel with the right sharpness, thickness and, importantly, without burrs. Something that unfortunately occurs more often with cheaper Chinese needles. Needles that are crooked, not sharp enough or made of the wrong material can cause unnecessary damage to the skin. Also because they quickly become blunt. Because a microneedling treatment easily takes 45 minutes. That is why we work with the best microneedling devices and associated materials.
  • Serums : The same goes for the serums we use. Irritants that are not suitable for the sub- and epidermis can adversely affect the skin's recovery process, so microneedling may not provide the optimal result. You want substances that reach the deeper layers of the skin with the needles, without negative effects on your health. Complications, such as granulomatous reactions, are known when cosmeceuticals are applied before microneedling.


These include active skin infections, chronic skin conditions, poor wound healing, blood clotting abnormalities and the presence of keloid scars. Conditions such as active acne, herpes or warts in the treatment area also carry risks.

Treatment options for microneedling

Microneedling can be divided into two categories, where the skin therapist makes a choice based on the skin goal and the individual wishes of the client.

  1. Cosmetic (more superficial) microneedling : a shorter needle length of up to approximately 0.5 millimeters is used here.

This more superficial treatment is less intense and focuses mainly on improving the overall skin texture. Such as reducing fine lines and shallow scars, improving skin tone and absorption of skin care products. Ideally suited for people with mild skin problems. Making the skin look fresher and younger. In addition, applying this treatment regularly can serve as preventive maintenance. This way you can maintain the results achieved without lengthy recovery periods. Faster recovery time can be useful for people with busy lives or who prefer convenience. Because the treatment is less invasive, the chance of unwanted reactions is generally smaller. This also makes it an attractive option for people who are prone to complications or prefer a milder approach.

  1. Medical (deep) microneedling : This involves working with needle lengths of 1 millimeter and higher, up to even 3 millimeters.

For reaching deeper skin layers and therefore effective in treating heavier or deeper scars, such as acne scars. It stimulates collagen production in the deeper layers of the skin. This means that this treatment is also used for skin tightening. Of course, this form of microneedling also improves the skin texture. It is applied to a wider range of skin problems and often requires multiple sessions for optimal results. The depth of microneedling has a significant influence on the effectiveness of skin rejuvenation and (acne) scar treatment by initiating a natural remodeling process of the skin. Which results in the production of embryonic collagen and elastin. The shape you want. Studies have shown that deeper microneedling leads to significant improvements in the vascular properties, pigmentation and suppleness of scars.

With our extensive treatment options, Medicadermis is ready to answer your skin problem. But we understand that all the choices we offer online can be difficult. And that sometimes you just need advice in addition to the information we share online. Please feel free to contact us for a no-obligation consultation in the Medicadermis Skin Therapy practice with our skin therapist. But an accessible contact in the form of a free video consultation is of course also possible. Discover which treatment(s) best suits your needs. Get compliments with clear, even and firm skin . Enjoy minimal recovery time with lasting results.

With medicadermis you take good care of yourself

In the competitive market of beauty and skin treatments, it is crucial to find a trusted partner. One that not only excels in quality and service, but that also uses the best and proven technology. Because when it comes to your health and appearance, you shouldn't take risks. Medicadermis distinguishes itself through its dedication to high standards. Both in knowledge and skills and in the application of clinically proven equipment and medically certified treatments. You will not easily find hypes with a 'latest and greatest' promise at medicadermis, because it takes time before scientific evidence is available. Only then do we decide to offer something.

The reality of the beauty industry

The beauty industry is now flooded with all kinds of laser, IPL and other types of devices, many of which do not meet the quality requirements according to our Western medical standards. There is also often no scientific evidence for treatments. Variation in equipment, lack of basic dermatological knowledge, but also insufficient training and experience of the practitioner can lead to unsatisfactory results. Even to an increased risk of side effects or skin damage for the patient.

Feel beautiful and confident with the quality of medicadermis.

We go for the capital K when it comes to quality and work with, among others, the M22 Stellar from Lumenis. This system is used worldwide for its superior performance in hospitals and clinics by dermatologists. The M22 stands for reliable treatment for a range of skin treatments, including pigment spots. And finally, not unimportant: our equipment receives frequent technical maintenance. Because just as you cannot write sharply with a blunt pencil, an uncalibrated laser or used IPL tube is not effective.

Our skin therapist has years of experience, but continuously enriches her knowledge and skills with training and education. Our choice of equipment and expert care enable us to provide you with safe, proven effective and personalized treatments. Your (skin) needs are guaranteed to be in good hands at medicadermis.

Worthy of trust

Our commitment is not just to help you achieve your aesthetic goals. But we also give you peace of mind, because with medicadermis you know you are in the right place. We are not the cheapest, but we do offer the best price-quality. And you can trust that.

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